Metal Enclosure

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker:

The design concepts of U-Series MCCB pursue advanced technology in size, customized characteristic in range and powerful capability in specification. All come out from our sincerity to be close to you.

Upgrade your electric systems with U-Series MCCB!!

Adjustable rating in full range with diverse trip mechanisms.

  • U-Series MCCB adopts adjustable rating function in full range from 50 to 1600AF. With diverse trip mechanisms of U-Series MCCB, you will be provided with wide options for system design and more flexible load fluctuations.

Wide and powerful production range.

  • U-Series MCCB supplies you with wide and powerful production range; 3 to 1600A, 5 to 150kA at AC415V from general distribution boards to nuclear power plants. U-Series MCCB also completely covers Hi-Series MCCB range with better characteristics.

High breaking capacity, realized by advanced technology and optimized design.

  • Our optimized design by advanced current-limiting technology allows U-Series MCCB to realize high breaking capacity in a smaller size compared to Hi-Series MCCB, contributing to compact design of system.
  • The current-limiting characteristic of U-Series MCCB also minimizes the effects from fault currents and offers cost-effectiveness.

Standardization of dimensions.

  • U-Series MCCB minimizes the difference in size of each model, so that they can be easily replaced whenever the specifications of the system changes.

Reliable quality and various applications.

  • U-Series MCCB is type-tested by international test authorities such as KEMA and KERI as well satisfying IEC60947-2 and NEMA AB-1 standards. It also acquired various marine classes and certificates for nuclear power plants.

Modern and refined design.



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