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The newly started ‘Lighting Division’ of Fajr Al Hind LLC well caters the need of quality lighting accessories both in domestic as well as overseas market. We are an authorized distributor in UAE for the reputed Spanish brand ‘FRATER’. The dedicated and well trained team handles the Lighting Projects in a ‘Case to Case’ basis and offers the best suitable solution to the clients in line with their requirement, budget and technical aspects.

Commercial Lighting:
We specialize in all ranges of Indirect Lighting, Modular Recessed lighting, Modular Surfaced lighting, Fluorescent Mirror Lights, Decorative Battens and Fluorescent Surface Mounted Lightings. Unbeatable quality combined with the competitive prices along with our technical expertise makes us special and unique in the industry.

Industrial Lighting:
All kind of Industrial Lighting like Fluorescent Battens, Fluorescent Weather Proof Lights and High Bay lights are meant to cater our clients in Industrial sector. Our commitment to quality and years long relation with the industrial sector makes us understood on the demands of the industry and we serve them according to the needs of the sector.

Display Lighting:
Downlights and Spotlights constitute the two major classifications of our Display Lighting. Downlights are suitable for single or twin compact fluorescent lamp and HID Lamps. The typical applications of display lighting include but not limited to offices, reception areas, corridors, hotel lobbies, shops and commercial areas.

Bollard Lighting:
These bollards are suitable for a wide range of lamp types from the normal Standard Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, CFL lamps and the High Intensity discharge lamps. The application is restricted to just garden lighting encompassing any type of garden or park lighting application.

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